Works from 2018 - 20180.

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Hyacinthine Scar

Single-channel video, 9 min 25 sec

Hyacinthine Scar condenses the undigested emotions in me while traveling from Hong Kong to my brother’s wedding in Guam. Presences and gazes of all sorts, to look and to be looked at, repetitive camera work of the hired videographers, the vow that is rehearsed over and over again by the priest, all the uncontrollable clickings of the shutter from all the us (including myself), and the endless sightings of different sides of the fragmented Western Pacific. The many spots I visited appear as though they belong to the passersby. They are as real as they are dreamy.

Screenings & Exhibitions
2021 Either Too Quiet or Too Loud, Hong-gah Museum, Taipei, Taiwan.
2018 得不到 Folder S1: Drag_Here, PRÉCÉDÉE, Hong Kong.
2018 Having a Balanced Diet 2: up and down the color scale over a light bulb, Floating Projects, Hong Kong.