Works from 2018 - 20180.

Copyright © 2021 by Yan Wai Yin.
All Rights Reserved.


Laser-cut Digital Prints on
Hahnemuhle Paper

That day I witnessed a black dot falling from afar, slashing the sky, pain was crawling on my skin. A friend beside me held his point-and-shoot and pressed the shutter. To record falling with any static act seems futile, as if “It’s okay to be not ok” is a white lie, suppressing the dim subtext of the hope for recovery. Falling has nothing to do with that incident. This is a group of images that try to cancel the photographic time, images inside each frame pull the trigger to go backwards. They are not about illustrating the past, falling is in front of you, exactly at the moment right now.

1. her homes, my postcards, 2021.

2a. irresistibly dreamy, resistible act, 2021.

2b. a back to back the back, 2021.

3a. by then you own the waters and the skies at once, 2021.

3b. loose wishes, 2021.